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List of available projects

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PA No Area Country/Ecclesia Description Outstanding (£)
5467 East Africa Uganda Orphan Fund in memory of JJ No limit
5469 East Africa Uganda Water tanks for ecclesial halls, to collect rainwater No limit
5521 East Africa Mozambique/​Namboia Benches, tables and chairs for an ecclesial hall 300.00
5522 East Africa Mozambique/​Suwazi Benches, tables and chairs for an ecclesial hall 300.00
5523 East Africa Mozambique/​Namatiya Benches, tables and chairs for an ecclesial hall 300.00
5559 East Africa Mozambique Security grills for windows, Beira ecclesia 180.00
5567 East Africa Mozambique 200 Bible Reading Tables Makua language 100.00
5571 East Africa Mozambique 200 Bible Reading tables Lolo language 100.00
5572 East Africa Mozambique 100 Bible Reading Tables Shona language 50.00
5574 East Africa Mozambique 200 Bible Reading Tables Sena language 100.00
5582 East Europe Russia Support for isolated brothers, sisters, contacts and young people to attend Russian Bible school 50.00
5588 East Africa Uganda/​Jinja Signpost directing people to ecclesial hall 60.00
5589 East Africa Uganda/​Jinja Cupboard for ecclesial use 60.00
5590 East Africa Uganda/​Jinja Youth camp tent repair 125.00
5591 East Africa Uganda/​Jinja Table 80.00
5593 East Africa Uganda/​Bukigai Ecclesial furniture 120.00
5594 East Africa Uganda/​Namisindwa Ecclesial furniture 100.00
5600 East Africa Kenya/​Nyakeyo, South Nyanza Furniture for the ecclesia - benches and a storage cupboard 250.00
5602 West Africa Sierra Leone/​Wanjamma To repair storm damage to cement render on mud block ecclesial hall and repaint hall and Sunday Scho... 700.00
5603 West Africa Sierra Leone/​Bo Repairs to perimeter walls and repainting ecclesial hall materials only 850.00
5611 West Africa Burundi/​Mabanda ecclesia Required two bicycle for preaching activities for recording to follow up interested friends of the... 100.00
5613 West Europe Burundi/​Cibitoke ecclesia Over lock sewing machine and Embroidery sewing machine for sister's project 650.00
5614 East Europe Russia Support for Isolated brothers, sisters, young people and contacts to attend the Russian Bible School... 200.00
5615 West Africa Burundi/​Mabanda ecclesia Planting fruits trees on the boundaries of the purchased ecclesial properties 60 meter squares to pr... 210.00
5616 West Africa Burundi/​Buganda Building small houses in the ecclesial properties for brethren s to watch over the ecclesial hall 350.00
5617 West Africa Burundi/​All ecclesial in Burundi Learning effectively the Bible seminar for youth camp 300.00

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